1. How does payments work?

We offer three payment options. EFT directly into our bank account, Cash on Delivery on Collection or you can swipe your card when I deliver. (please advise on the card payment so that I can ensure I have my card machine on me) Please DO NOT make an EFT payment until receiving your final invoice from us.

2. What days do you deliver and can I collect my order?

We will email you with delivery/collection dates and times. I generally do Hilton/Howick deliveries on a Thursday. You are welcome to collect your order from our farm in Bishopstowe but prior arrangements will need to be made, to ensure that someone is at the farm.

3. Are there order deadlines for certain products?

Yes, some of our items need to be ordered by a certain day and time. Currently, the Cold Meats, Cheese, Rusks, Homemade Bread, Fruit and Veg need to be ordered by Monday midday. The orders that include those items, will only be delivered on a Thursday or Friday. All other orders require at least 2 day’s notice.

4. How does The Butchery work?

All our butchery products are listed with a per kg price. Due to the fact that we weigh out all our butchery meat, we can only give you a final price once this has been completed.

5. Is your pork and chicken free-range and organic?

Our meat is not free-range , in the sense that the animals and birds, graze off the land but they are ethically raised in large open spaces. They are fed a diet, free of any added hormones and steroids and our chickens are brine-free.

6. Is your meat always frozen?

Yes, we do not stock any fresh meat. All our meat is frozen fresh and marinated fresh.

7. Am I able to swap out items in my monthly Meat Box?

Yes , you are welcome to remove / add / swap items. There may be a price difference, so please rather contact me to discuss and I will advise accordingly.

8. Are you VAT registered?

No, we are not Vat registered.

9. Is there a delivery fee?

Any orders to the value of R 500 and over, will be delivered for free – to the CBD and nearby suburbs. Any orders less than that value, may be placed and collected from the farm in Bishopstowe or from a central point.

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